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What are the chances of that happening? 

I was down on the beach running one of my photography group shoots when I could not help but notice two brides and grooms heading towards the beach, I instantly thought, is this going to be a Trash The Dress? No Way! I thought this is too good to be true.

I had to go up and ask, and yes,  sure enough, it was, so without being too pushy, I kindly asked if they minded if I take some photos of which they said "yeh sure of course" and well, I could not believe my luck, the downside, of course, was that I only had my 70-200mm lens on the camera, not the best lense at all for doing this, but when the opportunity knocks you just have to make do.

So why are they doing it? have they just got married? a short story as to why Sarah & Brian and Justine & Andi, were on Blackpool beach this evening.

"Justine and I only met wild swimming in January and found out we were both born on the same day same hospital same year, she’s 5 hours older than me and we married our husbands the same year a week apart so it’s our 25th anniversary in a couple of weeks, the photographer/friend was also a wild swimmer also and we can both still get in our original wedding dresses although our husbands can’t get in their suits lol,"

So just a nice little story with some great adventure and fun.

We all get soaking wet and yes, I just had to get in the sea with them to get the shots, you have to do whatever it takes to get the shot.

Sarah & Brian and Justine & Andi you just made one of my wedding photography goals come true. 😜 thanks.

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