Liam & Hailey

30th April 2022

The wedding of Hailey and Liam started back in 2019 when they initially booked me as their wedding photographer for their wedding in 2020, as we all know in early 2020 things took a change and the wedding industry and many other businesses came to a sudden halt.

It was then when Hailey and Liam started to rearrange their wedding plans, I think in total they had arranged four dates before finally getting married in secret on the 10th of September 2021.

We first met up at beacon fell for the pre-wedding shoot In October of 2020 well we discussed the plans and future dates for their wedding none of which could be booked and finalised at this stage due to the current conditions.

But Liam and Haley came up with a plan that surprised everyone, they had arranged to do their legal ceremony in secret with just close family, at the Glendower Hotel in St. Anne’s. so, this was the first wedding a small and personal wedding, one that had to keep secret for the next six months, not telling anyone not wearing a wedding ring and keeping everything a secret even from the bridesmaids.

Moving forward to the 30th of April 2022 the big day had arrived and everyone was looking forward to the wedding ceremony of Liam and Hailey at the Glendower hotel, and no one had a clue what was about to unfold.

During the bridal and groom prep, we had to watch what we were saying in order not to give the game away,  pretending that they were still engaged I'm talking about the ceremony and the legal bits as if it was all going to happen.

But no one knew that the ceremony was going to be carried out by Norry Ashcroft otherwise known as Lionel Vinyl here in Blackpool The Official King Of Disco, Entertainment.

As the morning went on, the guests started to arrive and mingle around the bar for drinks before heading into the ceremony room and taking their seats, waiting anxiously for the bride to make her entrance

Soon enough Hailey walked into the ceremony room and up the aisle to meet her “soon to be husband” wink wink, but there were no registrars to carry out the ceremony, so Hailey (The wedding coordinator not the bride) made an announcement to the guests that the registrars were running late.

30 seconds later in comes Lionel Vinyl to the surprise and shock of everyone, from laughter to looks of confusion on the guest's faces Lionel Vinyl walked/danced up the aisle and greeted Liam and Hailey to carry out the wedding ceremony.

What a fantastic wedding I have to say, the day continued as it started full of fun and laughter dancing into the early hours of the morning, certainly a wedding I will not forget in a hurry. I would just like to say a big thank you to Liam &  Hailey for hiring me as their wedding photographer it was an honour and pleasure.

Liam & Hailey's Pre-wedding shoot

Liam and Hayley pre-wedding shoot Beacon Fell
Liam and Hayley's dogs
Beacon Fell pre-wedding shoot
Liam and Hailey bride and groom
Sunlight in the woods
Looking forward to their wedding day

The First Wedding

10th September 2021

The Welcome wedding sign
Hailey the Bride in her wedding dress
 The groom and his best man
Hailey walks up the aisle with her father
Bride and groom hold hands during the wedding ceremony
The bride and groom exchange their wedding rings
The first kiss of the bride and groom
Liam and Hailey and now husband and wife
The couple go on the seafront for some wedding photos
Hailey's veil blowing in the wind on the sand dunes
The happy couple on now husband and wife

For Better or Vinyl

Wedding No 2 - 30th April 2022

The grooms wedding accessories
Hailey enjoying a glass of champagne in the morning
Hailey's engagement ring
Hailey's wedding dress and wedding shoes
The wedding shoes and engagement ring
The best man holding the wedding rings
The groom Liam getting ready
 The Bride laughing during bridal preparations
The Bride slippers
Anyone for a glass of Champagne
The brides and bridesmaids on the balcony at the glendower hotel
The men's pocket watches
 The lads outside having a bottle of beer
Liam and the groomsmen
Hailey having her makeup done by Emma
Hailey meets her father in her wedding dress
Hailey gives her father a wedding gift
Hailey's dad helps her with her wedding shoes
The bride and her bridesmaids
The bride with her mother and father
Hailey in her wedding dress
Hailey holding her bouquet
Hailey and the mother and mother-in-law
Hailey walks down the aisle with her father
The groom sees his bride
Lionel vinyl enters the room
Lionel vinyl from Blackpool greets the groom
Lionel vinyl Glendower Hotel wedding
Everyone say yeah!
let the wedding ceremony begin
Wedding guests enjoying the wedding with Lionel vinyl
Hailey  laughing during the wedding ceremony
Hailey and Liam with Lionel vinyl
The exchange of wedding rings
The bride and groom leave the wedding ceremony
Hailey and Liam with Lionel vinyl from Blackpool
The Brides reflection in the piano
The bride and groom exit the hotel with confetti
The bride and groom on the beach
The bride and her bridesmaids
Bride and bridesmaids throwing their bouquet
The bride and bridesmaids look out to sea
The Bride gets thrown up into the air
The wedding breakfast
The top table at the wedding dancing
The bride and groom have their first dance
The bride and groom on the dance floor
Hailey and Liam laughing in each other's arms
The Bride Hailey points to her friends
Lionel vinyl and  the bride and groom on the dance floor
The bride and groom enjoying the party
Evening party gets underway and everybody dances
Everybody say yay and get dancing
Doing the YMCA dance
Vinyl vinyl Hailey and Liam dancing at their wedding
Any which way you want to dance
The guests enjoy dancing with Lionel vinyl
The best man does his wedding dance
Lionel vinyl Blackpool disco entertainer

Those that made the day possible

  • Cake: Lytham Cakes

  • Wedding Dress: Ivory Dressing Room

  • Venue: The Glendower Hotel St Anne's

  • Hair & Makeup: Emma Coppock Bridal Hair & Makeup Specialist

  • Entertainer: Lion Vinyl

  • DJ: Lytham Event Company


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