Olivia Harriet
care free spirit and traveler.


On a damp, dark and cloudy day, I had a shoot booked with Olivia from down south in Devon UK, I was hoping for some good clear weather and a chance of a sunset and some golden sand, but it was not to be.

The wind was picking up and that horrible fine rain started to fill the air, we had no choice but to just get on with the shoot, after a few minutes discussion we decided that it would be a carefree boho style shoot, no real posing no lights, and shooting between f1.4 and f2.8, we headed on down to the beach along with Jax her friendly Alsatian companion and began the shoot.

The results were a lot better than I imagined and processing them in black and white with a red filter, really brought the images to life.

I love the simplicity of photography sometimes, trying too hard with all the gear, faking the sun with flash etc just would not have worked on this shoot.

Olivia Harriet Model
Olivia Harriet in her camper van
Olivia Harriet in her camper van watching the sea
relax and unwind by the sea
the long grass of the sand dunes
carefree and against the wind
Portrait photographer
Olivia and her pet dog Jax
hearing the sounds of the sea
hold me close
sea defences
Portrait photographer Lancashire
the shore line is great for photography
beautiful beach portraits
turn and look
portraits with the wind
shallow depth of field
the look
ready to head of on my travels

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